I have always had an interest in people and their stories. Human resilience is fascinating to me and the experiences that people endure are phenomenal. I not only enjoy connecting with people and their experience, I thoroughly enjoy dedicating my life’s work to helping others, however that may be. As a counselor and bodyworker, I follow your experience with your direction. I will offer guidance when necessary however, I prefer to see how the relationship develops in counseling and bodywork before I offer too much guidance. Furthermore, I prefer to be a facilitator of your experience rather than an expert of your experience.
I have extensive experience as a bodyworker. I have worked for myself in several settings such as a spa and physical therapy clinic. I have also worked for myself since 2003. I understand the need for empathy in the form of touch and the human need for touch as a healing force.
I also have extensive experience with children and offer play therapy. Having a young child myself and as the oldest child of four, I understand from personal experience about child development.
I have been involved in the recreational industry and outdoor sports for 20 years. I continue to pursue these interests because they enhance my perception of life and my relationships
I am originally from Atlanta, GA and finally became domesticated after a wild pursuit of the river life from the Southeast to Alaska and back to the lower 48 where I settled in the Columbia Gorge with my husband and now we have a child.
Feel free to peruse the website.
If you have any questions and interested in making an appointment, please contact me at the following phone number below or email address. I only use email for scheduling purposes and not for exchange of any other information. All phone calls and voice-mail are confidential. If you are having an emergency, please call 911 or your local crisis line which may be found online.
email address: robertamgrantfluxtherapyLLC@gmail.com.
to book massage and counseling appts. online
(Counseling appts will appear as massage appts but contact me if you make a counseling appt so that we may have a phone “meet and greet” and for any questions in general.)
Roberta M. Grant
107 West Jewett suite 400
White Salmon, WA 98672
OR# LMT 10856
WA# LMP MA00020199

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